Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wish No. 25 - A Merry Christmas { December Daily 2010 }

Journaling: You woke up at 8am, and quietly walked downstairs. Mommy found you looking in awe at your presents from Santa. “He brought me Stinky, the Garbage Truck... and dinosaurs... and a lobster (Leapster)... and this! Santa surprised you with your own art easel! Oh, you had so much fun today buddy. Stinky & Geotrax were your favorite presents. But when I asked you at the end of the day what your favorite was you said, ”the party!”. Your Greninger cousins & aunts & uncles came over and we celebrated all day long!


Christmas day was crazy busy as I expected. The morning went smoothly, and it was really special to watch Sean find his presents from Santa, and to open all his gifts from us. It was hard to tear him away from Stinky, the Garbage Truck. He even asked to bring him to church with us. Yikes! Luckily that wasn't too much of a fight. Mass was beautiful, and we arrived early enough to get a front row seat which kept Sean's attention for a good amount of time. After church was crunch time. We had two hours to get everything cleaned up and prepared for family arriving at 3pm. I had to keep praying to stay focused and not get too crabby or snappy. Our first family arrived at 3:30 which was perfect timing. We were finally ready!

I barely snapped any pictures today. Partially on purpose, and partially because I just didn't have any time. Here are the photos I do have besides what I featured on this spread...

Santa left Sean a greeting on the easel

Another Geotrax present!

Sean was a pro at opening presents

Sean & Hannah were excited to have dinner at their own little table.

My personal trainer recommended this recipe. It's a dinner roll mold!
Everyone was afraid of it but once they figured it out it was
gone in an instant. I went back for seconds, and it had disappeared!

Sean LOVED these cupcakes Aunt Kari brought.

It was a long day. Merry and fun... but long. And I was grateful when 10:30 rolled around and everyone was gone... and we went to sleep.

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