Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wish No. 18 - Date Night { December Daily 2010 }

Journaling Reads: The newest Harry Potter movie opened on November 19. Our lives have been a bit hectic since then, but Daddy and I really wanted to see this movie in the theatre. You had a blast at Grammy & Grampy’s, and then we all went out to dinner together.

We love Harry Potter, and this movie did not disappoint. Pretty dark and not for the young uns. There were a few story lines that were not developed in earlier movies which would have left someone who hadn't read the books wondering what was going on -- for example Bill & Fleur's wedding. Huh? When did they get together? But clearly they did their best to stay true to the book. I'm anxious to watch it again when it comes out on the DVD. In fact, I may even be inspired to read the book again before Part 2 comes out next year.

I cheated on this page, and used artwork from the movie. But I love the image and couldn't resist.

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