Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wish No. 17 - Beauty { December Daily 2010 )

Journaling reads: You and I went to Kathy’s today to get our haircut. You’re old enough now that you climb up into the chair yourself, and you laugh when it tickles. You were super excited about the candy canes she had waiting for you.

Yea, no picture of me with foils in my hair. I took one for posterity, but I just couldn't resist this cutie-patootie photo of Sean getting his haircut.

After haircuts I went to the grocery store. Haven't been there in a long while since Sean's been sick. Spent $200. Wow! However, I saved $100 so it could have been worse.

Finally, we all jumped in the car tonight to drive around and look at Christmas lights in the surrounding neighborhoods. Nothing wowed us enough to snap pictures... but we're thinking we'll try again another night.

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Maureen said...

Sweet page. It's funny, I had a photo of me getting highlights in last year's album, but this year my hair is darker and is done chez moi.


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