Friday, December 10, 2010

Wish No. 10 - Believe { December Daily 2010 }

Journaling Reads: You were so excited to see Santa today. All day you kept asking, “is it later? is it night time, mommy?” This morning we worked on writing a letter to Santa that included all of your wishes, just in case you forgot when you saw him in person. You promptly dropped it in his mailbox when we arrived at Santa’s temporary house in downtown Crystal Lake. The wait to see Santa was a little long, but that was OK with you. You were finally able to play in the snow! And then the moment arrived - it was your turn! And you easily jumped up on his lap and remembered everything you wanted to say. The best part? Santa gave you a candy cane.

We worked some more today on decorating the house. Still a little more to go, but it can wait. The big story today was a visit to see Santa this evening. We're very lucky that our town sponsors a free Santa in a heated little house (temporary) in the downtown area. Tonight the wait was a little long, but Sean didn't mind in the least because he was finally able to play in the snow. And then see and talk to Santa. He was a little shy at first, but then remembered everything he wanted to say, including Merry Christmas when we left. He really loved every minute of it.

I'm not stressing over this spread like I did yesterday. While my creative mojo feels a little stunted by my simple approach, I can't limit the big guy himself. He deserves a page and some more.

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