Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wish No. 1 - Magic { December Daily 2010 }

Guess what? It's December 1. And yep, my fourth of july bunting is still on my front porch. I think we're just going to drape the evergreen boughs over the top of it for a real holiday feel. What do you think? Well, this time we have a good excuse and it's that Sean has been really sick for a few weeks. He has mono (not a penicillin allergy as we first suspected), and my poor little buddy has never been sicker. Hives all over his little body, fever spiking over 104, sleeping all the time, forcing him to take medication. I was moments away from taking him to be admitted to the hospital. There is no worse feeling than watching your child feel miserable. It's my first real glimpse of this, and I'm sure I'll have more but I pray not many. The good news is he is feeling LOTS better today, and is practically himself. He's still running a low-grade fever but you'd never know it by watching him today -- playing, laughing, eating, dancing, and smiling. Ah, to see that glimmer in his eyes again. Thank you, Jesus!

And today marks my first day documenting our "every day" this month. And Jingle the Magic Elf gets opening credits. He was delivered to our house this evening via FedEx Home Delivery (who conveniently happened to be dropping off another Christmas package). At first Sean was very excited, and then he was a little bewildered (and possibly upset) asking, "is today Christmas day?"... "is this my dinosaurs?" ... almost as if saying, "really, this is it? all this hype for a lousy little brown box from FedEx?" We explained no, not yet - just open it! And then he did and the smile never left his face. We read the story (*wink* I pulled together a quick board book) about how Jingle is here to see all the good things he does and report back to Santa every night.   Later on tonight we found Sean talking with Jingle. We're not sure what was said, but I distinctly heard "hi Jingle" when he walked into the living room. Yep, my heart melted just a tiny bit.

I'm really happy with how my opening spread looks. Simple, bold, colorful. What do you think?


Alana in Canada said...

The spread look fabulous. I'm not familiar with this Elf thing, but it sounds as though it is making your little one happy. So glad he is feeling better.

Amy said...

Thanks Alana! I'm loving how my simple approach is making me ultra happy this year. The elf on the shelf is kind of new... and I decided to make up my own story. He reports to Santa every night, and comes back in a different spot every day. It's fun!


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