Friday, January 22, 2010

Disney Day 7: Hollywood Studios: Take Two

It's been a few days since my last post -- sorry!! As you'll read we've been super busy soaking up all the magic. Our days aren't quite as hectic this next week so I'm hoping to post more often. Enjoy all the pics!! And leave comments if you want to share some love =)

Back to Disney Hollywood Studios today where we focused on Toy Story Mania and meeting characters. We arrived shortly after the park opened, and bee lined straight to the back of the park to ride Toy Story Mania and to also grab fast passes so we could ride it later in the day. The wait to ride it was fairly long (30 minutes) so we missed Playhouse Disney. We weren’t too disappointed since we had already seen it earlier in the week with Grammy & Grampy. Instead we waited for the Animation Courtyard to open where we could meet Sorcerer Mickey. Honestly, we were pretty disappointed with our interaction with Sorcerer Mickey – he was noticeably irritated with Sean’s toddler ways such as walking away and grabbing his nose, mouth, etc. I’ve never experienced this before with any characters, let alone Mickey. Most will try to divert his attention and/or “giggle” and rub their nose, etc. I’m considering writing to Disney to express my dissatisfaction. We’ll see if it continues to bother me after we get home.

Next we strolled back down to Al’s Toy Barn to meet Woody & Buzz. Sean was a little star struck and wasn’t sure how to react. A little disappointing for me, his mom, who has watched innumerable viewings of both Toy Story 1 and 2. But it was fun nonetheless.

Next we stopped to see Jojo. I’m not sure why Disney continues to include her in character meet ‘n’ greets since this show is no longer on TV. We wouldn’t even have seen her except we thought Handy Manny was going to be there, and we were first in line. Oh well. On the other side was Leo from Little Einsteins. Too cute!

Next was Voyage of the Little Mermaid which is a fantastic show including lasers, puppets, live action, etc. Sean really liked it and even laughed out loud a few times. From here we went back to the Animation Courtyard to get in line to see the characters from Up, but we didn’t time it very well and ended up having to wait in line for 30 minutes. We got to the front of the line, and lo and behold the characters needed to “take a break”. When they returned Russell wasn’t with them. UGH!!! I guess he only appears for the first 30 minutes. Just the luck! But we did get to see Carl and Doug. Fun!

And then over to see Mr. & Mrs. Incredible – they were super nice and interactive. A nice contrast to our experience with Mickey earlier in the day.

Whew!! By this time we were tired and hungry. We had reservations today to eat lunch at the Sci Fi Drive In Restaurant, and had yummy cheeseburgers that hit the spot! This gave us enough energy to search out a few more characters, and found Lightning McQueen, Mater from the movie Cars and then Sully and Mike Wasowski from the movie Monsters Inc. We thought about going to see Muppets 3D again, but the line was out the door. No thank you. I’m not one to stand in a long line with a two-year old. And by this time Sean had fallen asleep in his stroller. So he and I found a spot to chill out while Jeff rode Star Wars. I had a great view of the Star Wars Jedi Training Academy which was super cute – they teach young children how to be jedi warriors, and then they battle Darth Vader.

Wait, we have fast passes for Toy Story Mania! We can’t let those go to waste. And totally worth waking up a two-year old from his nap. We all loved it the second time around. And now since we had Sean awake, we strolled back over to the Playhouse Disney courtyard to see if Handy Manny was there and he was – with no wait!! And wouldn’t you know it, June & Quincy were now there from Little Einsteins. Jackpot!!

The last thing we wanted to do was see the Block Party Bash parade at 3pm. So we scoped out a spot across from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on a bench, and grabbed a drink and a snack to munch on while we waited. While sitting there we found out from someone else that it’s not a traditional parade that keeps moving, but that there are several large floats with the characters and they stop along the route at specific spots and then put on a block party dance to interact with the audience. The three main floats are Toy Story, Monsters and Flick. I was a little nervous that the Toy Story float wouldn’t stop near us, but it did!! God was answering our prayers. We got to meet Mr. Potato Head and Bo Peep. And the very last part where the kids get to dance with the performers, Woody made his way toward us and danced with Sean. Can you believe it?

And then he caught Bo Peep’s attention. Oh how she loved him. They blew kisses back and forth, and Bo caught his kiss and promised to hold it in her heart. A perfect way to end our day!

We headed back to the resort and in our room by 4pm. We made a frozen pizza for dinner, and then explored the resort to see animals at night. We even used night vision goggles. Disney does it right!

Here’s a list of the characters we saw today. Sean’s autograph book is getting pretty full!
Sorcerer Mickey
Carl & Doug from the movie Up
Mr & Mrs Incredible from the movie The Incredibles
Woody & Buzz from Toy Story
Jojo from Jojo’s Circus
Leo, June & Quincy from Little Einsteins
Handy Manny
Lightning McQueen & Mater from the movie Cars
Sully & Mike Wasowski from the movie Monsters Inc.

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