Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 14: Hoosiers

We had a break today from driving, and we’re staying two nights here in Southern Indiana. We just missed the winter storm that slammed Kentucky and Tennessee. Thank you, Jesus!! But it’s bitter cold here and a stark contrast to the flip flop weather we had in Florida. I’m telling you, the Florida snowbirds have the right idea!

We were looking forward to browsing the shops here in Nashville, IN but it’s so darn cold that we only went into a handful. Many of the shops were not even open this time of year. So we were off to Bloomington for a driving tour of campus, and lunch at the infamous Nick’s English Hut. Yummy burgers! I stopped by the Indiana Shop to get a few new IU T-shirts and a baseball cap for Sean. Then we stopped by the student union to check out the bookstore there. It’s a busy campus!! Most often we visit in the summer or on a weekend, so being on campus in January on a Friday midday I remembered how vibrant the campus can be. Oh, to be so young!
After all that energy, we had to come back to the hotel and nap. Ahhhhh. Just what we needed!

We met one of my best friends, Myrna, for dinner tonight. She lives outside Indianapolis and it was so great to see her and spend even a little bit of time together. I can breathe a little easier when she’s around because she knows me so well. It was a wonderful way to end our vacation.

Tomorrow we head home. To our own bed and our own pillows… why do all hotel pillows suck? My neck and shoulders will thank me soon. We’re sad that our vacation is over, but at the same time we’re looking forward to getting back to the comfort and routine of home. Jeff will go full court press on the job search, and my teaching starts again on February 8. And then I turn 40. Bring it on.

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