Friday, January 22, 2010

DIsney Day 4: EPCOT

This morning found us walking through the gates of EPCOT at approx 9:15am. The weather was a little chilly but warmed up nicely by mid-morning. We first stopped off at the Land to pick up Fast Passes for Soarin’ so we could ride it at our leisure later in the day. Then off to Journey into your Imagination with Figment, a fun attraction that always makes me smile. Plus the fact there was no one there… and I mean not one guest except us, was a bonus! After the ride you get dumped into Kodak’s Image Works gallery and get to have fun playing around and sending email pics to all your friends and family!! Once we took a gazillion pictures we strolled over to the Living Seas to ride the Nemo and Friends ride and then in to see Turtle Talk with Crush. Which is, like, totally awesome dude!! The sea turtle, Crush, from the moving Finding Nemo is animated on the screen but can interact and talk with the audience. It’s so unique and funny! I’m looking forward to the day when Sean is old enough to sit in the front and talk to Crush! After the show, Sean had a blast exploring the aquarium. He didn’t want to walk right up to the window, but couldn’t get enough of the schools of small fish. Fun stuff! Next up was Soarin’ at the Land. The ride simulates a hand gliding tour over California. I have a tendency to get motion sick, but didn’t on this ride. They actually lift you up in the air in front of an IMAX-like screen. and then you move gently. It’s very cool and a family favorite for sure.

By this time we were pretty hungry and grabbed lunch at the Sunshine Seasons quick service restaurant. Resting our weary feet felt good. I’ve been wearing a pedometer every day to keep track of how many miles I walk. Today I walked over 5 miles!!

After lunch Jeff and his dad went to ride Mission Space, orange team while me and my mother-in-law went shopping in MouseGear. I started a good list of things I would like to buy!! With my Disney Visa I get 10% off at the Downtown Disney stores, so I don’t want to buy too many things in the parks when I can get a little bit of a discount there.

Finally, a break!! We decided to head back to the resort and rest for more than just a few minutes. All the walking, standing in line, transferring Sean in and out of the stroller can wear you out big time! And we’re lucky to have a nice, big hotel room to stretch out and each have our own place to relax.

We had dinner reservations at the Garden Grill back at EPCOT where we had the chance to dine with Mickey, Pluto, Chip & Dale. Character meals are always so much fun because the characters come to you and spend quality one-on-one time with each person. After dinner we strolled over the World Showcase and grabbed a table at the outdoor seating area next to the Rose & Crown. Jackie and I decided to go walk around to the various countries and check out some of the stores. Illuminations is EPCOT’s nighttime show, and we had prime viewing location where we were sitting. A perfect ending to a great day!!

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