Monday, January 25, 2010

Disney Day 10: Passport to the World

A day for culture. A day for characters. And a day for walking! Back to EPCOT where we first rode Spaceship Earth (aka the ride inside the big golf ball!), and then decided to talk to the turtle Crush one last time. It’s such a cute and funny attraction, and SO clever. And finally Ellen’s Universe of Energy which was 45 minutes long – did you know that? It’s a great attraction, but way too long. For us it was perfect today because the World Showcase didn’t open until 11am, and this killed 45 minutes until we could move on and explore all the countries.

Canada was first where Sean was able to pick out his Kidcot mask and color it. We had also bought him an EPCOT passport at the gift shop, and it was $10 well worth the money. Each country we visited stamped his passport and wrote him a little note in their native language. What a keepsake! I’m proud to say we made it to every country which is a feat in itself, and only possible because we took two days to tour EPCOT.

We saw the characters June & Annie from Little Einstein’s as we were leaving Canada and on our way to the UK. We were pretty excited since we hadn’t been able to meet Annie at Holllywood Studios the other day. As we got closer we noticed back in an alcove were a whole bunch of characters. Jackpot!! We met Ghepetto from Pinocchio, Daisy Duck, Bolt from the movie Bolt, Meeko from Pocahontas, King Louie from Jungle Book and Goofy’s son, Max. Did anyone know Goofy had a kid?

As we made our way around the country’s we met a few more characters. In France we had the honor of meeting Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). Sean was intrigued that she was talking to him and didn’t skip a beat, jumped right in talking with her. Such an Irishman!

In Morocco we met Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. In Germany we met Snow White.

And in Mexico we met Donald Duck. He is one of Sean's favorites! And really the only character that Sean said "hi" to using his name. He must have said "hi Donald Duck" ten times and then "bye Donald Duck" another ten times. So many characters, so little time! Sean’s autograph book is nearly full.

We stopped on our way out to snap a Photopass professional picture in front of Spaceship Earth. It was really windy as you can see, and we had to literally rouse Sean awake since he had fallen sound asleep the short walk from Mexico to the main corridor. The poor kid really needs his regular schedule back!

The very last stop before heading out was to the special meet ‘n’ greet for Disney Visa cardholders. It’s a great little perk as you get special one-on-one time with characters in a themed room. You’re the only ones in the room so you don’t feel completely rushed. This year we met Minnie Mouse and Goofy (the same as last year), and we got a great family photo. You get a free 5x7 so we chose this one before leaving for the day.

We came back to the resort and stopped by the savannah to check out the animals during the day. We saw all sorts of animals, but the giraffes were our favorite. Back in the room all of us crashed for a few hours. A much needed nap!! Tomorrow is our last day to soak up the magic.

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