Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 13: World of Coca Cola

Our stay in the Holiday Inn Express in Decatur, GA was very nice. Newly remodeled, quiet and clean. What more can you ask for? Oh yea, cinnamon rolls! Jeff clued me in on this little bit of heaven last night and I was dreaming about it all night. Breakfast at 9am and then off to the World of Coca Cola… and found our Mapquest directions to be completely wrong. UGH!! We finally asked someone while stopped at a light and we found our way.

What a great place! The polar bear even greeted us upon arrival, and we were able to take our picture with him. How fun! Like Disney, but sweeter and no autographs =) History, advertising, international development, memorabilia, pop culture, bottling process, etc. It’s all there! There is a 4D movie experience that needs some work, and I sorely wish I’d sat in the non-moving seats row with my in-laws. C’est la vie! I was nursing my upper back/shoulder before going in there, and now I’m really hurting.

You also have the opportunity to taste test 64 different flavors of Coca Cola brands around the world. Jeff tried 32, so he’s proud to say he tried half of them. I did try out Beverly which they claim is the worst tasting, and I concur. Yuck. Don’t want to try it again. The good part was I had to drink an entire glass of Fanta Orange to get rid of the taste. Yum! We received a complimentary bottle of Coke for visiting, and then were dumped out into the gift shop. This reminded me of the 80’s fad of Coca Cola clothing – anyone remember that? I had a Coca Cola sweatshirt that I loved. I’m sure I have a photo of me in it somewhere and will have to post it for you soon.

Now we’re on our way to southern Indiana for a few nights. Hoping to outrun a weather system that is moving east. Fingers crossed we don’t get stuck in it.

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