Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Disney Day 11: Lots of pixie dust & a split lip

Wow, today was full of little and big memories. We woke early and arrived at the Magic Kingdom shortly after the park opened, and beelined it straight over to Tomorrowland. This year Sean is big enough to ride some things that he didn’t last year so today was pretty fun to see how he did with some “big boy” rides. First up was the Indy Speedway, and then blast off on the Astro Orbiter. He was crying after both, of course, because he didn’t want it to end. Then over to Buzz Lightyear’s Space Command which we were lucky enough to ride twice… it reduced the crying some. I hate to think what he’ll be like the next time we come when he REALLY gets it! We might have several major meltdowns.

Next up was Toontown where we visited Mickey’s house, played in Pluto’s park. Sean loved the slides and discovered pushing was an effective way to get a girl’s attention. Oh, and he rode his very first roller coaster – Goofy’s Barnstormer! It really was pretty zippy for a “baby” roller coaster. We all loved it, and rode it twice to keep the crying to a minimum. Thank goodness we were touring the park early so we could take advantage of very short lines!

Last on our agenda was to visit some princesses (Cinderella, Belle & Aurora) and fairies (Tinkerbell, Silvermist, and Rosetta). I counted up all of the autographs we received, and in total we visited with 60 characters. CRAZY!! It certainly didn’t seem like that many, but like today we often would hit 3-6 at a time. I’m already designing a board book of characters for Sean in my head, as well as a new Disney digital scrapbook. Stay tuned for some new products!!

We rode the train one last time, and then headed back to the resort for lunch and a nap. Well, Jeff napped… Sean goofed around, and I packed. Right after dinner Sean was goofing around with bags and luggage. You guessed it, he fell down and split his lip. Man, did it bleed!! For a second I was imagining a trip to the ER, but all is well and he is now the proud owner of a swollen lip.

Our last hurrah was a magical evening at the Magic Kingdom. We arrived around 6pm, and stopped by the Main Street bakery for a homemade chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? IT WAS!! Oh. my. God. I told Jeff I think I could live on them, but he reminded me it wouldn’t be for long. Silly man to burst my magical bubble. I meant to take a picture of it for you all, but once it was in front of me all I had on my mind was eating it. We even had the luxury of sitting at a table right outside the bakery. All the stars were aligning!!

After that little bit of heaven, we strolled over to the hub outside Cinderella’s castle to scope out a spot to watch Wishes, the fireworks show. We found a perfect spot, Jeff saved it and Sean & I strolled over to Tomorrowland to ride Buzz’s Space Command again as well as the Tomorrowland Transit Authority (a personal favorite and Sean loved it too!). Then back to the spot to wait for the Wishes show. It was magic! We saw Tink fly above, and the castle was beautiful all lit up. The music is amazing as well as the entire story of making wishes and dreams coming true. At one point I turned to see Sean’s face with a little grin, and I couldn’t help but get a little choked up. My dreams are coming true!!

OK, enough sappy stuff… one last story about today. During the fireworks show I was slightly annoyed by a man who was in front of us. He brought two of his daughters out from the sidewalk we were sitting on into the street and made enough ruckus that I noticed him. Then he was yelling to get his wife’s attention behind him. The good news is he did have the courtesy to crouch down for most of the show. About half way through he got on his cell phone. Seriously. You would not believe the number of people I have seen every day on their phones, mostly texting or browsing their PDAs. On the bus, in lines, walking in the parks. Each time I wanted to scream, “You’re in freakin’ Disney World! And your kid would love to share it with you!” This man missed seeing his daughter doing a pirouette during the princess sequence. It really was the cutest thing ever.

After the fireworks were over, this man turned around to his family and asked where Jacob is. They lost one of their kids! My heart sank, and then I got a little angry because this man and his wife weren’t paying enough attention during the 12 minute show to notice one of their kids was missing. We immediately told them to talk to one of the cast members to alert them. And then one of the other dads who was beside us went off to help. About five minutes later he came back and said the little boy was at the Baby Center. So all’s well that ends well. As we walked away I started to cry. That is one of my worst nightmares to have Sean go missing, and I pray I never have to experience it.

The moral of the story? I have no idea. All I know is we’re leaving tomorrow with a newfound respect for how technology really doesn’t bring us closer together, a split lip, and lots of pixie dust to share with everyone.

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