Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Big Potty Dance Party

Every once in a while I apply to host a party on, but rarely get selected. Miracles never cease to amaze me ... I was selected to host a Pull Ups Potty Dance party! A few weeks ago I received a party pack full of DVDs, Dance Mats, coloring sheets, stickers, coupons and more. And the invitations went out.

No, this wasn't a celebration party. It was more of a motivation party for Sean. The kid is as stubborn as all get out, and clearly doesn't have the time to go potty because he's too busy. He would go all day in a dirty diaper without one complaint. I might have to go all nazi with him soon if he plans on going to preschool in the Fall.

Slowly I got ready for the party, and pulled together treat buckets. The dollar spot at Target is perfect for things like this. The kids scored a bunch of free things from the party pack, but I also added a few extra fun things like sunglasses. Because a rock star is not complete without sunglasses.

The kids had an awesome time rocking it out and dancing to Ralph's World Potty Dance song. I'll post a video at the bottom of this post. Too cute.

We also played a little pin the underwear on the teddy bear. A party isn't complete without a fun blindfold, walk into the walls kind of game.

Next up it was time for food, and the kids had a blast making their own pizzas. Jeff also made some awesome
homemade pizzas for the adults. YUMMY!

We ended the night with popcorn and a movie. Yep, no popcorn in this photo... it was on the floor! But the good news is, the kids picked it up without even being asked. A good time was had by all!

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

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