Saturday, March 12, 2011

365 :: One Photo a Day { February 2011 }

365 is coming easier for me, day by day. I don't hesitate to pick up my camera every day and snap at least one or two photos. It helps having a live-in model, even if he's not alway very cooperative. Three year olds are like that.

Joining the Picture Inspiration class has helped me with different prompts and to stretch myself a little bit every week. I didn't miss a day in February, and so far March is rolling along in a steady rhythm.

Here's my book with February added. I concepted a front cover, but not totally in love with it. I'll probably concept an idea every month and see what I love in the end. I did change my font, added titles, and moved to all black & white. I'm leaning more towards the clean, simple look these days.

1 comment:

Jessica Vescera said...

This is so incredibly awesome!!!! The Blub is my favorite for books. You can not beat the quality! You're an amazing photographer. I'm going nuts over your work!


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