Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today You ... 36::365 { One Photo a Day }

Today, you...

Love playing with with Rescue Heroes, trains, and dinosaurs. In that order.

Prefer to watch Curious George for hours on end.

Are learning to sing your ABCs, but always get stuck at H and Q.

Like to dance. A white man dance, but dance nonetheless.

Love to jump even more. Like a Tigger.

Enjoy scribbling on your easel... and the walls... and the rug.

Talk nonstop sometimes, and can engage in real conversation about your day.

Are becoming a picky eater, and don't really eat much at breakfast. But you love candy any time of day.

Are not taking many naps. But when you do you're much happier in the evenings.

Love saying, "what the heck?"

Are my sunshine. Always.

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