Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pen Pals ... 46::365

In the third grade I had the opportunity to get a foreign pen pal for $1. It was the best dollar I ever spent.

Ute and I have been friends now for 33 years. We've met in person on a number of occassions, and she even came to my wedding. But the letters are at the heart of our friendship. We have written to each other about friendship, boy crushes, struggles at school, marriage proposals, pregnancy news, and losing our fathers. There have been many a letter received where I've cried... and plenty more where I've laughed out loud. Oh, the lost art of writing letters. In the new age of technology our written letters are few and far between. We're now friends on facebook, and Ute follows my blog regularly.

But today. Oh today, I received a letter. And these scrumptious chocolates Ute picked up for me while she and her family were on ski holiday in Austria (doesn't that sound divine?). Sean promptly dug into the chocolate, but I sat and devoured the letter. There's just something about reading the written words of my dear old friend that make my world seem more peaceful and lovely.

The chocolates are (definitely) an added bonus.

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Arlene said...

love the story! Thanks for sharing, I loved reading it this morning :)


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