Friday, February 25, 2011

Maintenance ... 55:365

I started getting allergy shots probably seven years ago, but my husband can probably tell you the exact date and day of week (he's like it... it's spooky). About five years ago I had reach maintenance level where I only had to go once a month to get the full dose. But then I got pregnant {finally!} with Sean and was afraid to continue them. I didn't have a clue why we had trouble conceiving, and I certainly didn't want to take any chances even though all research indicates that allergy shots are safe during pregnancy.

Shortly after Sean was born the sinus infections started coming back. And so I went back to the allergist and started the shots over again. With a green vial... then yellow... and finally red. Week after week. Sometimes twice a week.

Today I reached the full dose maintenance level. And it feels good.

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