Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wish No. 31 - Best Friends { December Daily 2010 }

Journaling: It’s New Year’s Eve, and you have been so excited for your first sleep over party! Mommy’s good friends from college came over for our annual NYE slumber party celebration. We made homemade pizzas with Luke, Ryan and Clare (just like Caillou). But you mostly munched on the party snacks all night. Yummy!  You all loved playing with Geotrax, Wii and all of your new toys. And then you changed into your PJs and had cupcakes! Life doesn’t get much better than this. Best friends and cupcakes! After you finally settled down to sleep, us grown-ups rang in the new year and played games. Such a wonderful tradition! We look forward to it every year. 

Happy New Year! Bring on 2011!


This is it! My last page of my December Daily 2010 album. This year's book was super simple which I loved! I had a few days (like this one) where I had a lot of great pics and struggled with how to design the page or spread... and then forced myself to choose just one photo and call it a day. I honestly never spent more than 20-30 minutes on this project each day. And some days much, much less. It's a project I think anyone could tackle, even if you don't scrapbook. Wanna try it next year? Let me know and I'll be sure to remind you.

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