Monday, January 24, 2011

23::365 { One Photo a Day } ... Go Bears (not!)

I took a handful of photos today of things we did to support our Chicago Bears in their playoff game versus the Packers. Such as yummy cupcakes, and a cute little build-a-bear baby bear in a Bear's jersey (how many time can I say bear?). But the Bears lost 21-14. Bummer. The game was really weird... the Bears didn't show up, and the Packers didn't play well in spite of it. Anyway, as a true Chicago fan I say, "there's always next year!"

This was the one non-Bears photo taken today. My heart melted and sighed "awww" looking at his baby blues and that beautiful smile. And the lighting was yummy in the playroom. I need to take my pictures here.

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