Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 One Little Word - Simplicity

Happy New Year! It's 2011... doesn't that sound futuristic? I'm certain there was a movie made somewhere about 2011. A space odyssey or something.  I mean what happened to 1995? Seriously!! That doesn't feel all that long ago to me. 

Regardless of space and time, it's a new year and time for some reflection about what goals I have for this brand spankin' new year. And in the process of documenting in my 2010 December Daily album my one little word for 2011 came to me -- simplicity. I'm definitely an A-type overachiever, and an all or nothing type of gal so embracing this word will be a challenge for me. But one I desperately need in order to live a happier, healthier life. There are three main areas I need to simplify:

  1. My house: It's a cluttered mess. Thank goodness Maggie comes every few weeks to clean, otherwise the place would be a dirty, cluttered mess. I'm working on a priority list to declutter and organize major areas of my house. And I've started the baby steps of Fly Lady's approach.
  2. My health: It's a cluttered mess too. I know what to do -- eat less, move more -- and my head has the motivation. I just need the motivation in my heart. To start Jeff and I are working through a 12 week reality checked process from All You magazine to simplify our eating and moving. The first task is to journal everything. Started!
  3. My family: Will only benefit from simplifying our house and health. But we also need to simplify our time together -- major vacations are nice, but game nights and movie nights are just as great. And we don't do enough of these things together.

There are other areas I'd like to simplify, but I wanted to document these three to start as they are the basis for everything else. Most important, I need to constantly remind myself of my one little word -- simplicity. If it's not a simple solution, then it won't work. None of this is rocket science.

I'm not promising to document my simplicity journey here on my blog. Some days I might, but mostly I want to keep it simple. Duh. If I commit to documenting it on my blog then it's not simple for me any longer. Plus this needs to be a lifestyle change for the long haul... not just a diet or an organization project. It won't have an end. I'm hoping you'll see the results as I write about other things in my life!

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