Monday, January 10, 2011

10::365 { One Photo a Day } ... Bunny meet Gingerbread House

Every day we check the gingerbread outside to see if animals have taken part in the sugar-fest. For days it didn't seem as if it was tasty enough for them, but today we caught this bunny going to town on the shredded wheat roof.

It was dusk and getting kind of dark. I shot this through the window on shutter priority 1/30. I was surprised to not have it be blurry. But it was super noisy because he was so far away (and ISO 800), and lacking color big time. So I pumped up the lighting levels in photoshop elements, increased color saturation slightly and reduced the noise by 100% to see what I would get. Surprised to find something resembling a painting. What do you think? Not my favorite, but it was fun to play and learn. 

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