Monday, January 24, 2011

24::365 { One Photo a Day } ... Saving

When your husband is out of work for over a year, you learn how to cut corners and collect coupons. I follow several couponing blogs daily, and have saved hundreds of dollars on groceries, personal care, household items, clothing, toys and more. Just today we received more than $30 in checks in the mail for rebates, surveys, etc.

Mondays are my day to go shopping. I primarily hit Jewel for my groceries and Target for the good grocery deals, household, toys, etc... too many stores makes me crazy. And this receipt is proof of my savings... 56% off retail. Not bad for a day's work. And to add to the sweetness I had a rebate debit card in the amount of $12.86, so I charged less than $20 to my credit card. I won't bore you with everything I bought, but trust me when I say my cart was pretty full.

The good news is I think I'm getting into the rhythm, and feel like it might just be a lifestyle change. Going simple in 2011.

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