Tuesday, April 13, 2010

December Daily: Final Book { Hello You Books }

You're not seeing things. And no, it's not a mistake. It is April and I'm just now posting my final December Daily book. You've seen all of the pages already, but I never assembled it all into one neat, tidy little package. Thanks to blurb I've done just that. They now have a super duper very cool BookShow(tm) which allows me to showcase my book for you. The only caveat is I have to order the darn thing in order to keep this live... so anyone who feels in the least bit sorry that my husband is out of a job, feel free to order it for me. Just kidding.

Check out this post for an overview of this project. And here for a recap. And here for a similar project called A Week in Our Life inspired by the blog of Ali Edwards. She's gearing up right now for her 2010 Week in The Life project, but I'm way too busy with my other journeys to do it right now. But let me know if you're interested in capturing your daily life for a month or a week, email me and we'll make it happen.

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