Monday, April 12, 2010

[ 503 April Photo Challenge ] My light. My hope.

Next week is big. Super big. On Wednesday April 21 I embark on two journeys, neither of which I know how they will turn out. One is the 503 Photography Workshop I've been dying to get into for about a year. So much of my creative energy right now is focused on documenting stories in pictures + words. And I like to think I have some inherent eye for composition, but my technical skills on the digital camera suck. I'm really looking forward to this incredible creative journey in the coming weeks.

The other journey is we head back to the fertility center for another shot at getting pregnant. I approach this with a high level of faith. I'm 120% confident in God's plan for our family building. It's been a long six year journey to reach this level of peace, and it's an amazing place to be. Am I confident that my body is in the best physical shape for this feat? Nope. Not one bit. But I do believe that God is pretty crafty and infinitely smarter than me. He can do it, if it's His will. And if it's not this time, then He will give me the grace and motivation and time to improve for next time.

I pray I enter both of these journeys with no reservations, no regrets, no doubts... just pure joy and faith in the process.

Meanwhile, I am inspired and motivated by Sean. My light. My hope. I snapped this shot of him last night on my camera phone. He woke up at midnight crying "mommy!" and I soothed him back to sleep. When I layed him back down in bed and turned on Charlie, I was struck by the tenderness of the moment. This is what life is about. My light. My hope.

The 503 April Photo Challenge was to snap a picture on your cell phone that spoke to one, some or all of the words - Hope. Dark. Light. Blue. I got a lot more out of this challenge than I thought I would. :-)

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