Sunday, April 4, 2010

This is what matters most...

You know when you get married and you realize that it's not just you any longer? That now you have an entirely new family to love and share and celebrate. Um, and figure out how you're going to juggle all this loving, sharing and celebrating. And then you throw kids into the mix and it's even harder because now you have to coordinate naps and bedtime and food. Whew! You know what I'm talking about, right? And you get to a point where you throw up your hands and say, "This is us. Take us or leave us."

We celebrated Easter three times this year. Yowza! First was on Palm Sunday with my in-laws. And the twins were totally adorable in that First Easter, crawling, giggling, put everything in their mouth kind of way. Lots of yummy food, easter baskets galore, and Sean's first easter egg hunt. Gotta love it.

Then on Easter Eve we celebrated with my family. In traditional Greninger style we colored Easter eggs together and ordered pizza. Can't get any more fun, comfortable, loving than that! It was so much fun to watch Hannah have an absolute blast coloring her eggs. She broke one (big surprise), promptly ran to get the Scotch tape and asked mommy to fix it for her. All better! And my niece Marisa surprised me by decorating an egg just for me.

And finally Easter Day sprung forth with all sorts of sunshine and happiness. Sean was genuinely surprised and happy to find the Easter Bunny had paid a visit during the night. New spring PJs, Duplo blocks, books, mini-slinky, flashlight, dinosaur stickers and loads of chocolate. Not a bad loot if the Easter Bunny says so herself. Next up homemade waffles, and then off to church. Heavens be praised Sean behaved himself for the most part. Oh, except for saying "I poopy. Poopies. Poopies." during the Consecration. I'm trying to forget that part (and probably everyone seated near us too). And finally to Aunt Susie and Uncle Frank's for the best brunch EVER. I took full advantage and loaded up my plate twice. It was an absolute delight to spend the day with them and my in-laws. Blowing bubbles. Talking politics. Playing with Playdoh. Chasing dogs. This is what matters most. Family. Love. Bubbles. We are blessed.

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