Thursday, April 8, 2010

Today You...

Are so darn independent it makes Daddy & me giggle sometimes

Love stacking things. Big things, small things, anythings. "Top" you say, and then start piling things on top of one another. You also love to line things up in a row. I'm sure it's a developmental milestone but I'm too busy to look it up. Daddy & I like to think you're just super smart and demonstrating your ability to do advanced calculus.

Will watch Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Mickey, Goofy, Dinosaur Train, Toy Story, Lion King and/or Iron Giant nonstop if we let you.

Just got a new pair of crocs sandals, and you were so excited to have them that you giggled for about five minutes while you stomped around.

Talk a lot. You have a lot to say sometimes and not always to a particular person. You say "da" or "ok" for yes. Have trouble remembering to say "please" and "thank you". And you have the word "no" down pat. So much so that you will scream it over and over while proceeding to hit anything in your way. We're working on that.

Can get really cranky when you're tired. You used to be able to stay up late. Not so much anymore.

Are not a very good boy in church. Most Sundays Daddy & I will go at separate times. You don't seem to like it when you don't go, and ask "go church?" often.

Love your cousin Hannah. You ask to go see her constantly, multiple times a day. The two of you are learning how to play together, but mostly do your own thing. This past weekend Hannah said, "Come on Shaw (this is how she pronounces your name), let's go outside." You said, "OK" and ran right behind her out the door. I hope the two of you always remain good friends.

Can't wait to go outside to play, ride your bike, or go to the park. You have a new wagon and will drag it around the house asking "go outside?"

Like to read. You wake up in the morning, sit in the big rocker and gather Pooh, Piglet, Roo, Tigger, Lumpy and all of your blankies with you while you read a gazillion books one by one.

Cannot go to bed without at least 2 or 3 blankies. And in the mornings you grab a blankie or two and ask to snuggle in bed with Daddy & Mommy. It lasts only a few seconds, but we cherish it nonetheless.

Are almost two and a half years old. Where has time gone?

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