Wednesday, June 13, 2012

31 Things :: Story 22 - Spot

My favorite spot is…

In my husband’s arms… where I feel the most safe and loved. He has big, strong arms and the way he holds me I just know that he adores and loves me without limit.
Snuggling with my son… where my heart swells with joy. I knew I would love being a mom, but this is an amazing feeling.
In my bed, reading a good book… where my worries melt away. I love to snuggle under the covers and feel their weight comforting me.
On my computer... where I lose myself in creativity. I’m not talking about work here, but designing, scrapbooking, photo editing, writing. I’m not just creating art but memories, and that makes me happy.
At Walt Disney World… where I can be a kid again and again. When they say “welcome home” at check-in I get choked up. I love tha characters, the amazing attractions, and the attention to detail. We honeymooned here and Jeff and I talked endlessly aboutbringng our kids someday. The first time we took Sean, he was up on Jeff’s shoulders pointing and smiling at Mickey Mouse I knew my dreams were coming true.
Sitting on my deck in the summer… where I feel relaxed and alive. I love the feeling of the sun prickling my skin (with sunscreen on, of course). My whole body heats up and the tension releases.
In my kitchen during a party… where I laugh until it hurts. Surrounded by friends and family who know me better than I know myself, and yet still love me.
Cuddling on the couch, watching a movie… where the stress of the day leaves me.
At my church during adoration... where the silence and peace comforts me.
Behind a camera… where I can capture the beauty & love & laughter I’m experiencing.
Wherever my family is… there is no place like home. This is my favorite spot.

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