Sunday, June 3, 2012

31 things :: Story 12 - Watch

It’s funny how as your life changes, so do your TV watching habits. Then again I should know this teaching marketing & advertising – life cycle stages can have a huge impact on buying behavior -- but it still amazes me when I stop and think of how it applies to me. Before Sean was born, I would watch a lot of TV and knew where to find all of my favorite channels on the digital cable lineup. TLC, HGTV, Food Network, VH-1, Discovery, etc. And my favorite TV shows were Grey’s Anatomy, LOST, Trading Spaces.
Now Channel 11 is the only one I need to find. PBS Kids featuring Curious George, Dr. Suess, Dinosaur Train, Sesame Street. You get the idea.

Years ago we dropped the big cable package tired of spending so much money for a gazillion channels we don’t have any interest in ever watching. Jeff installed a Window Media Extender, and learned how to rip our DVD movies to the computer that we could access and watch on our TV. We can also record TV shows through the extender, and we will watch our favorite shows when we can. Right now my favorites are Parenthood (a comedy-drama about three generations of the Braverman family) and Glee (a musical comedy-drama about a high school glee club). Admittedly often these shows will rack up in my queue, and I go through spurts of watching several at a time. At this time in my life I’m not really interested in watching TV regularly. I find I would rather unwind and relax by reading or doing something creative. We have thousands of movies on our extender, and this is our go to form of entertainment. We watch movies regularly, much more often than TV.
Netflix is also a big part of our family’s watching habits. They are an online company that offers a flat rate DVD rental by mail and also video streaming over digital devices. We can stream videos over our Wii gaming system, and it’s so easy that Sean knows how to navigate to a ton of kids shows. This is how he found and fell in love with super heroes.

I can also watch streaming videos on my Kindle Fire (both through Netflix & Amazon), and I’ve gone through phases where I’d rather watch movies or TV shows on my Kindle rather than read. A few months ago I was obsessed with watching the Showtime series, The Tudors (a historical fiction TV series about King Henry VIII).
In the summertime, my guilty pleasure is watching Big Brother which is a reality TV series where a group of people live together isolated from the outside world. Don’t judge me (LOL).

We’ve also been going to the movies lately both as a family and just Jeff & I. We all love the experience of the big screen, popcorn, and getting immersed in the story. The last few movies we’ve seen include the Muppets, the Lorax, the Vow and Hunger Games.
Sean’s TV Favs: Curious George, Avengers, Spiderman

Jeff’s TV Favs: Person of Interest,
Amy’s TV Favs: Parenthood, Glee, Big Brother

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