Friday, May 25, 2012

31 Things :: Story 3 - Read

I've always loved reading. When I was a little girl I knew exactly where to find Beverly Cleary books in the library. And on my 12th birthday – my golden birthday – my Godparents sent me a big box full of books across the country. The postman ran my doorbell at the exact minute of my birth 12:09pm. This was when I was first introduced to Sweet Valley High, and there was no turning back. I love me a good boy meets girl story.

In my 20’s I was hooked on the Oprah book club, and would also be found checking out astrology books. Clearly I was torn between following the crowd and trying to find my own way. Throw in the Left Behind series and we find at my core I was searching for answers.
Enter graduate school and then dating Jeff, and my late twenties/early thirties didn’t see much face time with books outside of a textbook. Then we got engaged and my reading turned to bridal magazines and wedding planning books.

Once married we started to try to start our family which wasn’t coming as easily as we’d hoped. So back to the nonfiction aisle of the bookstore to learn about infertility and how to cope.  At this time I also engaged in fertility discussion boards online and spent many hours reading other women’s stories as well as sharing my own. This has evolved into my love of following blogs today.

When I finally did get pregnant, my nose was buried in every “what you should expect when you’re expecting” kind of book. And once Sean was born any free time I did have to read was to look up on the internet how to get your baby to sleep.

My husband reminded me today that most of the reading I have done for the past nine years has been marketing & advertising papers. Nearly every week for the past nine years I’ve graded anywhere from 20-65 college papers – that’s a lot of reading.

In 2009 I purchased my first Kindle and fell in love – an electronic gadget that you can read books on! And last year I splurged and purchased the Kindle Fire so I can read books, watch videos, browse the web, plays games, and listen to music. I LOVE IT. Nowadays I find more time to read for pleasure. I check out Kindle books through my library which was a necessity while Jeff was out of work, but I now I just love the anticipation of waiting for a book on hold. In the past few years I’ve been drawn to young adult fiction and most recently the dystopia genre – loved the Hunger Games, and currently on the waiting list at the library for the Divergent series.

This year I’ve committed myself to reading faith-based books and daily scripture readings in the Bible. It’s been an amazing journey, and a necessary one in order to open my heart to release some of my anxieties and fears.

Then again, isn’t this why I’ve always loved to read?

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