Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Daily 2009: Day Seven

December 7, 2009

Dear Sean, my sweet little buddy,

Ho! Ho! Hop! At twenty-three months you have quickly gotten to know Santa and what he says. I love how you add the “hop” at the end. Must be a subliminal longing for your favorite pop-pops (lollipops). You’re talking A LOT these days, and most of the time we have no idea what you’re saying. But you’re determined and repeat it over and over again until we understand.

All of the Christmas decorations and festivity makes you a little giddy. When we first put up the tree you danced all around and said, “pretty, pretty!” And you just can’t help yourself to not touch the ornaments and lights on the tree no matter how many times we say “don’t touch”. You also love the dancing and singing snowmen, turning them on and off over and over again. The other holiday decoration you love is your Little People nativity set. You’ve come to love baby Jesus, and have all of your friends -- such as Piglet, Mickey, a gorilla -- kiss him. Sadly baby Jesus has been thrown across the room a few times, but you’re learning!

Right now you’re into cars, trucks, and trains, trains, trains. Once Daddy put up the train tracks around the Christmas tree you immediately went to get your little Thomas the train and started pushing him around the tracks. Maybe you should ask Santa for your own train set?! You also love Woody and Buzz from Toy Story, and will quietly sit and watch the entire movie. Recently you really like watching Sesame Street. When it’s over you ask, “More? Ses-steet?”

Your birthday is right around the corner, and soon you will be TWO!! You’re growing so fast. Last week Daddy was getting you up from your nap, and I heard you talking & laughing. You were so happy. It made my heart smile. I quickly asked God to help me remember these moments and to cherish each and every stage of your childhood. I love your laugh, your bright eyes, your inquisitive nature, your naughty boyish charm, and your many kisses and hugs. I’m blessed to be your mommy.

Love, hugs, and lotsa tickles,
Mommy (age 39)

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