Saturday, December 12, 2009

December Daily 2009: Days Ten & Eleven

A normal December day. We stayed inside all day since the weather was frigid cold in the single digits. Tonight was my last night of class (yippee!) and Uncle Mikey came over for pizza, a movie and to hang with Sean.

I didn't take very many pictures today, and glad I snapped this one of Sean and his uncaMikey!!

A busy day! We all had an appointment with Dr. Lewis this morning, and then off to go Christmas shopping. Sean loved the car cart at IKEA which made it easy on Santa’s elves. Next up, McDonald’s for a quick lunch. And then off to Grammy & Grampy’s to play with all the Christmas toys. On the way home we all wanted to nap...

I forgot my camera today. Ugh! And my cell phone. Double ugh! Luckily Jeff had his phone with him so I was able to snap a few pictures. I found it's ultra-shaky, so unfortunately a few of the shots are pretty blurry. Oh well. At least it's documented, right?

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