Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Daily 2009: Day Twelve

What's so fun about the month of December is that it's not ALL about Christmas. Normal things happen. And special celebrations too. Like this day where we celebrated my nephew Corey's 11th birthday. A fun, relaxing party. Sean had a blast playing with his cousins, trying out all the musical instruments, and putting angels on his head.

I forgot my camera... again!... you would think I'd learn?!?! Luckily my brother has a good camera so I was the official photographer for the day. The bummer was I didn't realize his point and shoot was set for 800x600 resolution. Ugh! So while I captured an awesome shot of Corey blowing his candles out, I couldn't enlarge it very big. I had visions of the shot filling up alomost the entire spread, but had to settle for this smaller version. Even this one is going to be a little grainy when printed since it's about 200% the original size.

I have to remember... it's the moments captured that matter!

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