Monday, November 21, 2011

The view from here :: Fall 2011


The view from here is colorful & sunny. Through hard work and the grace of God the present is clear, sharp and fresh. The future is blurry but from the looks of it bound to be stunning.


Simplicity. It's been my mantra this year. My daily prayer. In many ways my prayer was answered. In others, not so much. It remains my focus in just about every area of my life. Faith. Family. Home. Health. Fun. We can't forget fun. I struggle with priorities, and the devil is in the details. Literally. That's when my type A personality strays away from simplicity, and loses focus. The devil is sneaky.


Many of you know that I love creativity. I love photography. Somehow at the beginning of this year I was able to prioritize and fit everything in. My Project 365, one photo a day, easily fit into my daily plans. Then Easter came, and that was thrown out the window along with a lot of other things. I'm not sure why, and I'm still praying and working on getting back into balance.

This past week Jess wrote a blog post that spoke to my heart. While she's talking about photography as a business, I think it applies to so many women these days. Especially those moms in my generation who long to be both a present mother and the desire to do X, Y or Z.

That's where I am. Me today.

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