Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Day of Preschool

The Night Before Preschool

Twas the night before preschool, and all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even Sean Thomas.

He snuggled up with Mickey like it was any other night. The kid really is laid back. I'd like to think he gets it from me. If I remember correctly when I went to Kindergarten I didn't even want my mom to take me. "I'm going to walk to school with Sandy & Tommy!" I always thought that was funny, but now that I'm a mom I can totally relate.


Come morning, he was ready to go. No hesitating. Let's go mom!

IMG_8746 IMG_8749

My two guys walking hand in hand into the school. You would think this would make me tear up, and while my heart did swell a little the tears weren't there. Honestly? I was secretly happy that I'd get two and a half hours to myself twice a week!!


His coat hook is the #3 yellow triangle. Just in case you were wondering. I think from now on all of my things will be organized by color and shape. It makes life so much easier.

His teacher is Mrs. DeCecco, and we love her!! I recently found out her husband grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ and went to Camden Catholic where we went to high school. If any of my jersey friends are reading this, do you know the DeCecco family? She said he has younger sisters who might be my age. The name rings a bell.

Sean goes to Little Saints Preschool which is part of St. Thomas school here in Crystal Lake (our parish). The preschool is physically located at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton on the south end of town because the main school doesn't have any room for a preschool.


After I picked Sean up from his first day of school, he & I went out for a special lunch to Corner Bakery. Yummy! And he got to pick out a special treat. The monster cookie. Life really can't get any better than this.


So... if you haven't noticed I'm getting caught up on my blog stories. Mostly I want to write about these happenings in our life so that I can document them in my Project Life book. More on that in a few weeks. I'm almost caught up here on the blog. I have Halloween left, and then a few miscellaneous photos here and there that I've snapped this Fall. Stay tuned.

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