Sunday, October 25, 2009

Love Captured. Newborn Book (Twins) .... { Hello You Books }

My niece and nephew were born 8 weeks early, and stayed in the NICU for about one month. I created this book as a birthday gift for my sister-in-law. They are truly little miracles, and we are blessed by their arrival in this world.

Some of the pictures were their hospital pics taken by bella baby photography (they use freelance photographers). A far cry from the "slap your baby on a table and we'll take a picture with a camera that looks like an xray machine"!! I'm hoping my hospital contracts them when/if I have another baby!!

The design of this book was inspired by Paislee Press ( It's simple, clean and captures the moments perfectly with just words and photos. Email me if you're interested in creating a book like this for your newborn or twins!!

Front Cover
Title Page

Pages 2 & 3

Pages 4 & 5

Pages 6 & 7

Pages 8 & 9

Pages 10 & 11

Page 12 & 13

Pages 14 & 15

Pages 16 & 17

Pages 18 & 19

Page 20

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Anonymous said...

This baby book is so adorable! I love the definitions on there. It really adds to the photographs. Did you design it yourself? It looks great!


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