Monday, October 19, 2009

About Me

Hello You! My name is Amy and I’m so thrilled to meet you. My whole life has been grounded in design and creativity. Heck, one could argue this business was inspired way back in the 70’s when I designed my first book report in Mrs. McLaughlin’s 4th grade class. I wasn’t content on simply writing the book report, I had to cut out pictures from the “old” encyclopedias my mom (reluctantly) allowed me to use and artfully frame them to support my writing. Then in the 80’s I could be found cutting out headlines and words from Seventeen magazine to place on self stick photo albums pages amongst the many pictures of my friends.

Once my Seventeen magazine days were over, I attended Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business. My major was Marketing/Advertising with minors in Creative Writing and Psychology. During my time in college I held the position of Advertising Director for the Student Association, and was lovingly introduced to the Mac computer as a design tool. Through trial and error I learned how to master Adobe Illustrator to create advertising designs for the many different student organizations on campus as well as several student election campaigns.

College was a blast! But the real world beckoned me, and I began a career in Marketing Management with a focus in marketing communications, advertising and direct marketing. Now I had the opportunity to learn the business side of design and copy. While working full time, I went back to school and received my MBA in Marketing. Then I turned 30… and hopelessly believed I was meant to be single the rest of my life. And then I met my husband! The first of many times I was reminded that life was not meant to be planned, but lived!

Meanwhile – back in the “real world” – I loved any opportunity to create handmade invitations for family and friends. Anything from baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, anything! Then along came Sean, our bouncing baby boy, and I set off on the adventure of announcing his birth, planning his Baptism, and documenting all of his “firsts” and simple everyday moments. My digital camera became a third eye for me, one for which all of these incredible moments could be captured. Suddenly, all of those creative endeavors from my past culminated into a new digital format whereby I could passionately design announcements, invitations, and photo books.

But do this only for myself? Nah! My life is meant to be shared with others. I’m a stay-at-home mom to Sean. My husband is humored by my attempt at housekeeping. I teach Fundamentals of Marketing online for hundreds of college students every year. And now, Hello You Books.

Ready to get started? have questions? just want to send some love? email me!

Live life. Capture Moments. Forever.

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