Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Latest crazy thoughts on possibly being pregnant...

I feel relatively normal. And 78% of the time I forget that I could possibly be pregnant. A very busy 18mo will do that to a gal. But the other 12% of time could drive me to the nut house. Every once in a while I think my boobs are sore, but then when I squish them purposefully - nothing. One thing is for certain, food tastes different to me. Nothing tastes good. Which sucks. I love food. The science experiment feeling in my uterus comes every now and then. It's reassuring for some reason. And it reminds me to sit down and put my feet up. I'm also starting to get that exhausted, tired feeling. Today I laid down on the floor in the playroom and said to Sean, "Mommy is so tired and could use a kiss." He promptly walked over, leaned down, and planted a wet one smack on my lips. How lucky am I?

All of these symptoms can simply be effects from the drugs. Estrogen and mega-doses of Progesterone (shot into my ass with a a needle rivaling the size of Seattle's famous skyscraper) bring about a host of pregnancy-like feelings. Nothing like whigging out an {in}Fertility patient with the possibility of false hopes.

Maggie, the cleaning lady, comes tomorrow. Gotta love that. Except tonight we have to clean for the cleaning lady. Which sucks (not as much as the non-tasty food, however). I've had to take a few breaks from the effort. Hence, blogging.

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