Sunday, July 26, 2009

I love...

  • The way you are so determined to use your fork while eating.
  • How you say "wow" in a low whisper when you see something amazing. We don't know where you learned it. It's like you've always known what it means.
  • Your profile. You're so darn cute. I dream what you will be and do as you grow up. For now I try to memorize what you look like today because I know you will grow up very fast.
  • When you pull me or daddy by our hand. You are a social person and often want us to play with you instead of playing by yourself.
  • Your emotions. You get frustrated rather easily when things don't come easily. Like when you try to master your fine motor skills such as placing the Little People flag on the petting zoo farm. You try a few times and then grunt "ugh" and stomp your foot.
  • How gentle and loving you are with your twin baby cousins. You always kiss their heads or whatever part of their body you can reach. And you are so careful and protective when you are near them. It warms my heart to see your empathy and gives me a glimpse of what a great big brother you will be one day soon.
  • How you say "cheese" when we take your picture. You often pretend some of your toys are a camera and walk around with the toy to your face saying "cheese".
  • That you can say "bless" and know how to fold your hands when we say "amen".
    How you are (usually) a very good boy in church, and a big smile comes across your face when we say, "Let's go see Jesus".
  • When you are mezmorized by the stained glass windows at church.
  • How you blow kisses when we put you down to sleep. You started this tradition on your own. We're not sure if you're saying "thank you" or just blowing kisses. Either way it shows how loving you are, and that makes my heart bubble with joy.
  • How excited you are to see "da da" every time he comes home, walks into the room, or comes down the stairs. You are not shy about showing your emotions.
  • That you give kisses like they're going out of style. You now give kisses on my cheek... my arm, belly, knee, toes. Any part of my body you can reach.
  • How curious you are. Everything is a new adventure for you. Grampy has called you Inspector Clouseau since you were a baby, and it still holds true.
  • The way you have a knack for mechanics. A few weeks ago you picked up a wrench in the garage and went straight to your bike. You placed it on your bike handle and started turning it. We don't know where you learned it since you've never seen daddy using a wrench before.
  • How you love to tickle and be tickled. You wiggle your fingers and say "ticka ticka ticka".
  • Everything about you. Your 18 months old and I love you more and more every day.

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