Thursday, September 15, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Vacation

Hello, you.

It's been a while since I've been around these parts. The summer got the best of me, and that meant some things... like this blog & photography... were put on the back burner. Typing that out loud bubbles up all sorts of emotions. The angel on the one shoulder says you're doing the best you can to keep up with everything and not lose your mind. Don't feel like you have to be and do everything for everyone including the one anonymous person who reads your blog. The devil on the other shoulder says you can't finish anything you start, can you? You really love photography but haven't hardly picked up the camera. Ugh. Let me say that again. Ugh.

I'm pretty sure I need to tell them both to be quiet. Shhhh! I'm moving forward.

I have a few stories from the summer and beyond that I want to update you on in the next month or so including our summer top stories, Sean's big boy room, Jeff's 40th birthday party, and the first day of preschool. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, back to our regularly scheduled programming -- vacation! We're going to Disney World. Again. Needless to say we love the place where dreams come true. And what better way to celebrate Jeff's big 40? A two-week trip that I've been planning for months, and I'm just a tiny bit excited. And Sean can't stop talking about the monorail. We'll have plenty of time to soak up the magic and relax at the same time.

Until then, wish upon a star.

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