Wednesday, September 28, 2011

EPCOT Futureworld & a New Resort.... Thursday, September 22

Thursday morning we checked out of Bay Lake Tower, and called Bell Services to pick up our luggage to send over to our new resort, the Beach Club Villas. Super easy. We've really liked staying at two different resorts that offer such great perks.

We headed over to EPCOT (thinking we could easily take the monorail over and hopped on at the Contemporary over to the Ticket & Transportation center to switch over to EPCOT's monorail... only to find out it wasn't working, and had to then take a bus... that was really kind of annoying, but whatever, right?).

We spent the first part of the day in Futureworld seeing and riding Soarin' (twice!), Figment's Journey into Imagination, Captain EO, Spaceship Earth, Test Track, Finding Nemo, and Turtle Talk with Crush.

We had lunch at the Coral Reef which did not disappoint. Jeff & I both had the Sirloin Steak and Sean gobbled down a pizza. After lunch we went over to Innovations West to get our free Chase Visa Meet 'n' Greet where we met with Minnie & Goofy... if it weren't for seeing other people's pics on the internet, I would swear that's whose always there. We've met them three years in a row now! No complaining. It's private and we get a free 5x7 print.

About mid-afternoon we made our way to the Beach Club via a bus ride to Hollywood Studios and a boat ride  from there. Whew! Yes, we could have walked but Jeff's feet by this point were pretty bad (did I tell you he bought brand new shoes and didn't break them in? yep, I heard you say, "duh!").

The Beach Club is very nice, although coming from Bay Lake Tower we miss the extra space it provides. We're in a one bedroom villa here too, but it's clearly smaller. It's also more run-down, but we're comparing it to a one year old resort. The perks are by far the pool. More on that later. And the fact that you can take a boat &/or walk to both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. We've only been on a bus to get to Animal Kingdom this trip!

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