Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

To all you moms… who get high from the smell of Johnson’s baby wash. Who can’t get enough of little piggies. Who make up silly songs for your babies, and proudly sing them off key to calm them down. Who have changed a gazillion poopy diapers. Who can nurse, pump, and clean everything within 30 minutes at 3am. Who worry about whether you can feed your little munchkin peanuts, peanut butter or any other kind of nut and if not, when? Who can’t imagine loving another living soul as much as you do this child, yet when the next one comes along you know your heart just got bigger. Who swore you’d never feed your child hot dogs, but now quickly zaps a dog in the microwave like a pro. Who can give your toddler “the look” and he knows to go to the naughty spot. Who religiously slathers your child with SPF50 every day in the summer. Who schedules play dates just so you can get a break. Who rocks your little person back to sleep after a bad dream. Who kisses every boo boo. And will gladly kiss a thousand more boo boos. Because that’s what moms do. Moms rock.

I’d write more about potty training, soccer, car pools, and fractions because I know it’s all important stuff. I just don’t know it yet myself. But you rock too, you fraction solving mom. We all rock!

And thank YOU mom, for all those years of PB&J, carpools, and late nights with bad dreams. I’m sure I’ll call you soon with another boo boo I need kissed. Love ya.

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