Thursday, May 27, 2010

503 Photography Workshop

My favorite photos from the workshop

I have a secret. And I'm only sharing this with you. Are you good at keeping secrets? I hope so, because I don't want this to get out. Because if it does, then everyone will be really great photographers. And there isn't room in this world for a lot of us. Yep, I'm a great photographer. But that's not my secret.

My secret is the 503 Photography Workshop. I was an OK photographer before this workshop. But now I kick ass. Kick. Ass. I'm nothing if not humble.

Before = shooting my fancy DLSR in auto mode
After = shooting my fancy DSLR in full manual

Before = crossing my fingers I would get a great picture
After = confident I can nail my exposure, focus and composition

Before = using photoshop to create scrapbook pages
After = using photoshop to make amazing photos spectacular

All this in just six short weeks. Amazing! I need to pinch myself. It's like one of those classes you loved in college and you didn't want to end. You liked the people. You loved the instructor. And the material you were learning was something you were passionate about (not like Finance when I failed the final exam after studying my ass off... but I digress). No final exams in this workshop. But if there was I'm positive I would have nailed it.

Jess, love you girlfriend!! You rock. Thank you.


Click here to go to my Flickr set that contains all of the photos in the slideshow. I added my thoughts on each photo and what I was trying to achieve.

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Jessica Cudzilo said...

you make me so happy. thank you for overwhelming with your kindness and making me smile ear to ear. mwah, mwah, mwah!


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