Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend Creative

I was inspired Friday night by Ali Edward's to document my weekend in photos and words. In two full days I snapped over 400 shots and succeeded in humoring (irritating?) my husband. I can see I need to finetune my photography skills, but luckily Photoshop helps with color and lighting. Perhaps one day I will take a photography class. In the meantime, I'm enjoying capturing the everyday.

Not sure yet in what form this project will take. I'm stuck in the digital scrapbook rut while I build up my creative confidence, so this will probably by an 8x8 book.

Journal Notes:


***Jeff woke me up at 9:15am and reminded me I had to log into my office hours at 9:30am. Sean was still sleeping. God love him!!

***I logged into my office hours and proceeded to clear off memory sticks for the weekend creative project

***Sean and Jeff came downstairs around 10am, and I made homemade waffles - yummy!!

***I graded some papers, and then decided it was too nice outside to work!!

***Jeff, Sean and I went for a walk and to the park. The weather was absolutely gorgeous!

***Fed Sean lunch and put him down for a nap... but first, some snuggling with Winnie the Pooh in his crib

***Headed to church at 4:30pm. It was crowded because of First Communicants. What a special day for them!!

***Next stop Tommy's for some hot dogs and fries for dinner. We ate in the screen room on the deck to enjoy the remaining sunshine of the day.

***Bath, brush teeth, bedtime story and bed for Sean

***Grocery shopping to end the day


***We slept in again today until 9:30am - yippee!!

***Shower and breakfast quickly because we need to leave at 11am for the zoo

***On the road by 11:10am.... not too bad

***Picked up Uncle Mikey and we were on our way!!

***Met Kari, Kevin, Hannah, Chris and Amy at 12:30... Sean's first trip to the zoo is official!!

***First stop is hooved (sp?) animals, including giraffes. Sean is captivated by seeing live animals!!

**Next were the penguins

***Lunch where Sean would only eat watermelon and had fun entertaining everyone with his drool!!

***One of the elephants had died a few days prior - so sad!! We didn't get to see any pacaderms.

***Tropic house next with the monkeys and gorillas -- super hot in there!

***Polar bears and brown bears were chillin' outside

***Children's zoo where Sean got to pet a baby chick!

***Dolphins and sea lions were a hit!

***The tigers and lions were not outside... we'll have to catch them next time

***A fun day was had by all!! The weather was great. The only bummer was we didn't keep up with Sean's diapers and he leaked twice!! All that watermelon will do that to a kid, I guesss.

***We ended our day at Portillo's for dinner with Uncle Mikey.

***We were all pretty exhausted, but I cleaned up the kitchen and prepared the laundry for Monday morning

***Whew!! A weekend in our lives captured and documented. We are blessed!!

Here are some of my favorite shots. You can see that Sean makes a great subject, and he's definitely the center of my every day!

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