Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conflicted Mommy

Everyone who knows me knows I'm a conflicted individual. OK, maybe they wouldn't use those words... perhaps a creative, detailed planner might be used to describe me. My mother was in awe of me as a child when I would whip together a poster for a school project and not worry too much about coloring outside the lines. Yet later on in high school I was elected school president and was found creating spreadsheets. So, yeah, I'm conflicted... or well balanced? Whichever. It makes me, ME!

The result of this ME is Sean is now nearly 17 months old and I haven't yet started on his first year book. Strange, huh? Not really when you get down to facts... I have everything documented and all the pictures taken (thousands). And I've browsed lots of examples on the Shutterfly gallery. And bought tons of papers and templates and alphas and elements on DesignerDigitals. And I've tossed around design ideas in my pea brain. In the meantime I've created three other books because in my brainstorming and shopping I'm inspired by other ideas. But at the end of the day, Sean is without a first year book. Poor thing. Hopefully his conflicted mother gets her act together before he heads off to kindergarten.

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