Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Many Adventures of Jingle

Meet Jingle. He's our elf on the shelf. Santa told us that Jingle is fairly young for an elf, and is still learning to use his magic. This means he got himself into some mischief throughout the month. He has one more night, and then he'll travel back to the North Pole with Santa until next December. Sean will definitely miss him.

Jingle arrives on December 1
Making sugar angels on the countertop
Bet you can't find me!
Milk should be green!
Jingle even joined us on vacation in Disney World... the first night he took a marshmallow bath.
The second night he attempted to order room service
Keeping in touch with Santa
Spa Day
Swinging from the lamp!
Jingle is an expert artist
He snuck out to see the Osbourne Lights at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Pirate Mickey & Friends got tired of Jingle's shenanigans
Home from Disney safe and sound
Feeling adventurous - bungee jumping from the second floor
Clearly he gets an adrenaline rush from extreme sports - zip lining into the tree
Chilling out watching his favorite Xmas movies on Netflix
Hanging out sipping some syrup
Mischievous ... switching out the stockings with underwear
Barricading Sean in his room
Remembering the reason for the season! O come let us adore him.

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