Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chocolate Bunnies ... 114::365

April 24, 2011 ... Happy Easter! At 2:30am I heard Sean's door open, and I held my breath. Would he find what the Easter bunny left him? I prayed he wouldn't. I wasn't ready to start my day at 2:30 in the morning! Luckily he was in a stupor and stumbled into our room, and crawled into bed with us. I didn't fight it, I was too tired myself and just thankful he didn't see the huge basket full of goodies the Bunny left him outside his door.

I set my alarm for 7:30am because we had a lot to do in the morning before leaving for 10:30am mass, and I didn't want the magic of Easter morning to be rushed. Sean didn't budge when the alarm went off, so I slipped out of bed to snap a few photos of his basket just as the Bunny left it.

Then I went to wake up Sean, "hey buddy, wake up. The Easter Bunny was here!" You would have thought I shot a gun off -- he shot straight up in bed, "He was? The Easter Bunny?" And then the big smile spread across his face. Oh what joy!

He ran out of the room to find his Easter basket and pulled everything out. He carefully looked everything over. Then he found the chocolate bunny. The sweet little bunny never saw it coming. As you can see, ears first.

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