Sunday, November 8, 2009

Project Big Boy Bed

One morning this past week I was up early to get myself showered and ready for the day before Sean woke up. When I stepped out of the bathroom, Jeff said, "It sounds like Sean is playing with his humidifier. We'll have to move it out of his reach." In my head I was thinking, that's strange, it's already out of his reach. Lo and behold, it was definitely in his reach. When I opened his bedroom door I found him squealing with delight running around his room with the humidifier canister in his hand. Yep. You guessed it. He scaled his own crib unbeknownst to his parents and without a scratch or bruise.

That evening Jeff proceeded to convert his crib into a toddler bed. Then right before dinner we had Sean check it out and explore his room. He was giddy and kept climbing in and out of his bed. His tiny world is expanding quickly.

Meanwhile, daddy and I watched with admiration. And a watchful eye to see what he would get into on his own. We had never baby-proofed his room. Crazy, I know. We dug up some outlet plugs, strapped the tall furniture to the wall, and installed a door lock thingy so he wouldn't escape in the middle of the night.

Bedtime was the real indicator of how easily this transition would be. Normal routine: books, brush teeth, prayers, kisses & hugs, snuggle into bed with blankies and friends. Before I even closed the door he was climbing out of bed with glee & laughing. Then I heard "dark, dark", followed by a scared crying. I went back in and laid down next to the crib, but then it was all play. Let him cry it out. Next I heard rustling in a drawer and sent Jeff in to find him in the drawer with the medicine, etc. in his changing table. Oops, we forgot about that potential hazard. Then Daddy tried laying down next to the crib, but again, all play. Let him cry it out. Followed by silence and I think we're golden... *thump* followed by I'm hurt cry. Daddy finds him crying hysterically by the door and thinks he ran into the door. Daddy decides to rock him in the chair where he falls asleep promptly. All is quiet now. Fingers crossed.

Since then, naptime and bedtime has been a cinch. No issues. Crisis averted, and transition completed without lack of sleep. Whew!

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