Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm official

This morning marked a new beginning for me. I woke up at 7am... ok, 7:10am after hitting the snooze... and dragged my tired ass downstairs to exercise. Leslie Sansone (walk away the pounds) can be REALLY annoying this early in the morning, but I have to say the workout was great. I did 2 miles and was ever so happy when I started to hear Sean stir in his crib which meant I couldn't possibly do all 4 miles. But 2 miles is good, right? Especially considering I haven't moved this sorry ass of mine in any type of exercise for well over 4 weeks. But no more excuses. I must get healthy.

And by 9am Sean and I were both dressed and out the door. Heavens be praised!! Most mornings we are both still in our PJs and no where near ready -- physically or mentally -- to walk out the door into the real world. Today was Sean's first Tot Rock class through the park district. Whew! Talk about a workout. Miss Kim can kick Leslie Sansone's ass any day. How come it seemed like I was only one sweating? I wanted to scream, "who else walked away the pounds this morning before coming here?" Honestly, it wasn't much of a workout as it was chasing Sean around a room making sure he didn't pull down tables on top of unsuspecting kids, or grab the bean bags away from the cute little girl with no hair. And perhaps my adrenaline was pumping being the first time I've taken my little guy into a structured social environment. He did fine. I'm not so sure about his mom.

So, it's official - I'm a Tot Rock mom! It feels good to say it.

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